lavidagay lifestyle

Life would not make sense if we could not share our desires, wishes and inspirations. That´s why at lavidagay we need to know yours in order to colour our community, because our lifestyle network is dedicated to you.
We want to know what you love, hate, gets your mojo going or what your dreams are.
At our lifestyle network you get to know other gay men that think like you and feel passionate about the same things. Being part of our incrowd also means respecting the site and respecting your fellow members.
You came to the right place if you are looking for something different on the web to get to know men. We know and feel you have a lot of great stuff to offer, that is why at LVG we give you a totally different look on how to live the gay life through our network on the internet.
We hope you like us as much as we like you and let us enjoy your stay!